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VBAM Minis: Terran Carthage and Monitor

More for VBAM’s mini range.

VBAM Minis: The Chouka Fleet

Painted for VBAM. Tricky to paint, some of the details where hard to pick out. And crazy me does them NMM style..

Vbam Minis: The Circassian Fleet

Something different. Part of the fleet of minis I painted for VBAM.

Bad Weather

Bit of an Oldie, but an online SciFi Mag used it as a cover.

ZetaII Reticuli

Nice bit o’ Backdrop art. Vue Render.
Probably the wrong star type for that star system..

Dogs of War: Urban Dogs

And this time out on the streets…
Vue Render, Doga Models.

Dogs of War: Snow Dogs

Another for Dogs of War. Vue render, Doga Models.

Ocelot Finished Version

I think both rendered version and this look as good as each other. This is the final version that made it into TRO3063

Image (c) Ian Stead

Centaur Class Mercenary Carrier

My second ship to make it into Signs and Portents. At some point I think she needs a money shot render.

Click here for the issue its in:

FWL Sarpedon TRO3063 Finished Model

Final Submitted version, 1st version turret was very impractical..

Kurita Merkava VII TRO3063

For the TRO 3063 Project, not the final submitted piece, but rather close. Nightstalker unit insignia, Kanji probably the name of a ship though..

Image (c) Ian Stead

Type S Scout with Undercarriage

Well as the AFT got it’s undercarriage so did the S-Type..

Traveller 2300: Roo APC 1

The Roo appears in the Vehicle guide, this version is Flemish…fitted with quad AT missile launchers, I think the one in the book just had the two..

S-Type Scout 3D Deckplan

The thing that started it… This is MGT deckplan for the S-Class done 3D in Sketchup.

Old Work: Mayageuz Wreck

ISM Grav Chopper checks out the wreck of the Mayaguez

Another old one, models are Doga – render Bryce.

Hegemony Attack Carrier from Dan Simmons ‘Hyperion Cantos’

HSS Maui Covenant. Though not directly named (thats my invention) she does get a longish write up in the book (Fall of Hyperion)

A rather old model I did in 3DS max… If I ever find the mesh, its get a bigger render and updated.

Traveller 2300: Luftkissenpanzer Group

Traveller: Free Trader with Undercarriage

Armed Free Trader minus weapons and new paint scheme.

Traveller 2300: LkPz-IX Ausf F

LkPz-IX Ausf F, later generation version of the Luki-9

Still in the Dunklehelm Camo.

Traveller 2300: GfPzTr-XIII

GfPzTr-XIII from the Traveller 2300 Vehicle Guide. You can find more info about this on the Entranger:2300 Site (see links). Must find original and do a better render..

This APC is in the Camo scheme of the Panzer Kavallerie Regiment 11 that fought on Dunkelheim, during the Kafer War.

Type RSIII Gas Giant Flyby

Type RSIII Merchant Trader Multi View

Fatter Version of the Subsidized Trader.


Starting on a header image… this is a rough one for the moment.

Type S Scout Multi View

The ubiquitous Type S Scout/Courier. Thanks BP for the Logo and the Vilani front is from