HMS Black Swan WIP Part 2 – Setup

I usually start sketchup up and use any template thats in metres. Its personnal choice, just I find metres easy as the Traveller map scale is metres. In theory I could export the image as eps on a 1:1 Scale…. scary (eps export is in the pro version) I always use the ‘large tool set’ too.

Turn off perspective and set the camera view to ‘top’.

To start off I draw a 1.5 metre square grid:

The tape measure tool draws the ‘guide line’ grid. Drag the 1st line from the x or y axis, type 1.5 in the box, then drag from the line you just drew. SU will do something clever, the next guide you create will ‘snap’ to 1.5m (hard to explain I’m afraid – but it does mean you are not contantly type 1.5 in the box). You do not have to draw masses of lines. Draw some x-y to make the grid then select all and hit the move tool and press ctrl to copy.. makes more sense when you do it and you can moves this copy so it align perfectly. You may end up with a guide line over a guide line, this sort of looks less like a guideline, you can delete and redo it or leave it.

Then copy all, create group (right click) and lock the selection if you need too. (right click too)

I usually then add a layer, so the grid line is on a seperate layer to the drawing.


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