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War Dogs: Hawkwood Mech

War Dogs: Namer Mech

Sneak Peak

Type E ‘Garuda’ Class Escort with friendlies.

War Dogs: Wolf Spider Mech

HDRI Render. One more of the War Dogs models.

Nolrrgarrai Vargr Strike Fighter Radiosity Render


APC Clay Render

Built in doga with a hull made in metasequia. Vue Render.

Traveller: Broadsword Escort

Traveller: 5th Frontier War

Reminds me of the cover of the Game 5th Frontier War.

Pilots borrowed from the Google Library.

Rampart Class Light Fighter

Work In Progress: Traveller Rampart Fighter

Great Space Battles : The Lima II

Whilst rummaging about in the archives, I came across another version I did of the Lima. I used a Japanese Program called Metasequia to built this. I really need to make a new version!

War Dogs: Sand Storm Hover Tank

Another of the wardogs vehicles. DOGA model, Vue Render.

Broadsword and ATV

ATV Design

ATV with images from JTAS.

High Orbit

Modular Cutter WIP

‘Spare us the cutter.
Couldn’t cut the Mustard.’

Nolrrgarrai Vargr Strike Fighter

A little something I cooked up for them Vargr. Little bit of Chris Foss, little bit of WW2 Fighter art and some bits of inspiration from TTA:Spacecraft..

War Dogs: USN Armadillo IFV

Great design, based on a sketch from Todd Pote. (Done in DOGA, VUE render)

Suleiman Rear View

Suleiman Class Type-S Scout/Courier New Version

Based on the cover of the MGT: Spinward Marches book

TRO 3063: Roland Tank

The last of the models I did for TRO3063, time and other things prevented me from doing more.
I’ve posted the money shot render and the one closest to the final piece.

Matsuda Class Destroyer

Eventually became a ship in the Japanese Space Fleet in the Traveller:2300 universe. Might have done this in 2003.

The Swarm

Thousands of them!

Really old, perhaps 2007, done in DOGA. I think I did it for the Arachnid Race in the Fire On The Suns Universe.