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TTA: Terran Mite

Something from a long time ago, plan was to do a TTA site in the style of the books…

Merchants & Cruisers: Prospector Ship

Another ship from the book. Based on a design by Andrew Welty. Asteroids from hameed @ deviantart

Rokghiok Vargr Stealth Runner

Glammed up and pretty render of the ‘Rok’ from Merchants and Cruisers.

Spacewrecks 2: Crash on Myope III

Old one, Vue render and a model made in 3DS. Bit of another homage to the TTA Spacewrecks Book.

Old Work: Orbital Way Station

Bit of an old effort using Doga. PS created planet. Call it the Mushroom Station.

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Galileo Class Research Vessel

And here is the illustration of the Galileo that Andrew Welty did the specs for. Tweaked it somewhat from the original. This features in Supplement 10: Merchants & Cruisers


A fake cover for a non existant issue.. borrowed the planet from Deviantart.. (credits to follow)

Starports: Dregs

Bit of art I made from the ships I did for the Starports book from Mongoose. I used the Asteroid field from here:


Vargr Nguksu Armoured Fast Trader

From Supplement: 10 Merchants and Cruisers.