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Traveller: The Jarl

Model was built for the new Sword Worlds book from Mongoose Publishing, this image wasn’t used, I think the one they used is far better.

Traveller 2300: On the Edge

Traveller 2300: SSV-21 Cassini

Getting there.

Traveller 2300: Rough SSV-21 WIP

Traveller: Sword Worlds

Something else from Mongoose with a bit of my work in. I did the deckplans. Quite enjoyable, got a great nordic vibe to them..

Traveller 2300: La Fayette on Patrol

Traveller 2300: Aconit Class Frigate F170 La Fayette (4 way shot)

Traveller 2300: Aconit Class FF WIP

Someone asked could I do the French Aconit. Got the name from a Light Frigate in the current french navy.. La Fayette Class, the 5 ship in the class is the Aconit.

Traveller: Darrian Donosedh

Traveller Ships

A few of the ships and I have done for Mongoose and some others too. Lots more to come.

Traveller: Beowulf Ocean Refuel

Quick render..


Traveller: Beowulf Free Trader Multi Shot

Traveller: Beowulf Class Free Trader

Traveller 2300: DD Ship designs

Some old stuff based on the IJN Asahi Missile Cruiser. I think it was supposed to be a Kongo Class Destroyer.

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