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2300AD: FC-68

Following on from the Storm Gun…

Luftkissenpanzer – Graphic Tablet fun…

Bit of experimentation…

Traveller World Map

Look a freebie! Big version of the Isothingy world map for Traveller.. I needed one for something I’m doing, couldn’t find one big enough or high rez so here it is.. feel free to use though a name check would be nice. !

If you use in PS, add as a layer > set to multiply, add layer underneath… the lines will act as an overlay.

Couple of the test versions…

This is a rough ‘Mithril’ like version… strange grey area is ice

2300AD: Storm Gun

Say hello to my little friend..

2300 AD out soon and a Preview.

2300AD should be out at the end of the month. I’ve knocked up this little bit of art showing off the SSV and it’s 2 landers. There is also a pdf preview on the 2300AD Page (link below). Its the largest project I’e worked on so far. Colin Dunn has done a top notch job on the book and its been a pleasure working with him. Click here for the link to the 2300AD preview. One of my lovely little AFVs is in there…

2300AD: Bayern Work in progress

Stargazer RPG

Stargazer is a friends rpg, its a work in progress, you can follow it here:

I’ve done him a quick logo for now…


Free Trader Osprey

Fiery Class Gunned Escort ‘The Rhapsody’

I spotted this on COTI and though got to build it.. Original drawing was by Tom Peters. The Rhapsody logo is part font and a drawing in AI.