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2300AD: First Survey

Not the SSV again!


The Void One

Got to love Digital Heavens…pretty much lets you build planets and stuff easily.. automates the boring manual bits..

2300AD: Aconits

Trying out some new software…

2300AD: SSTO Landed

(c) Ian Stead & Mongoose Publishing

2300AD: SLV Re-entry Test and APD Jail Bird

An early morning post… this is a bit of a test to see how it works…… well its at least shows of the arse end of the SLV..

Oh and something somebody asked me to try… a 5 min job there…

(c) Ian Stead & Mongoose Publishing.


Cue drum roll…. a little poster sort of thing I did. Sounds like the book has been well received!

2300AD: SLV