2300AD: AS-89 Pretty render



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  1. Benjamin Lecrone

    Ian, I saw your question concerning Kaefer ship board facilities. I was thinking about how this was work. My feeling is that bathrooms with privacy would be nonexistent. With Kaefers there is only one sex so there is no concept of sexual modesty. Furthermore, given that Kaefers are usually pretty stupid, it is likely that the freshers are just pits in the corner. This would give the unintelligent Kafers easy access. Also it might be common for Kaefers to urinate nearly anywhere. Urinating serves both as a sign of dominance and in other circumstances a sign of submission or fear. Having this smell wafting about could serve to excite nearby Kaefers. Washing away the scent of fear wouldn’t be done, especially on a warship where it would help to raise overall intelligence.

    Also, I’m betting Kaefer facilities and ships are exceedingly uncomfortable and stressful. This would further enhance Kaefer stress levels. Think of it as the opposite of ergonomics. A comfortable Kaefer is a dumb Kaefer and a dead Kaefer. This would make the interior of Kaefer vessels a pretty nasty place for humans. There is no such thing as safety and OSHA. Important equipment will be protected from dumb Kaefers, but hot pipes and sharp edges will be left exposed. Interior lights will be harsh and glaring and the smell of piss and rotted flesh will persist throughout.

    As for the layouts I betting there will still be bridge and such just like a human vessel. There will also be at least one open area for when a fight challenge occurs and fights-for-fun. Perhaps their ship’s missiles also have cameras in order to show the combat better.

    Just some ideas. I liked your art in the new 2300AD, but I was bit disappointed that there weren’t pictures of the firearms and equipment.


    March 17, 2012 at 2:22 am

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