Building The Clarke Part 2

Drag the nose section to the silhouette, ensuring it is in the correct place. PLEASE NOTE: Normally I would draw the model in one half. But for now I am not.

Next hit CTRL  then Push/Pull inline with the silhouette. Sometimes I’ll put some sort of guide in so I know where to stop.

Hitting CTRL when you push/pull ensures there a new line on the model, you don’t have to do this.

Next use the scale tool and hold CTRL so it is uniform.

You could add some height, but this will do for the Clarke.

Next do it again, CTRL Pull/Push then CTRL Scale. You will notice you can pretty much use the silhouette as a guide.

Don’t worry about those horrible lines, they will be got rid off soon enough.
I’m doing the wings seperate so no need to think about them.


Fill out mose of the body, the rear engine section can wait too.

Moving along, you can get rid of those line, some you could keep, manually you can smooth those lines with the rubber sorry ‘eraser’ tool holding CTRL.
Or select the whole model, right click and soften/smooth edges, the slider will increase or decrease the smoothing.


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