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Traveller: Lambda Septa Arrival

Traveller Map: Lambda Septa

Traveller Map: Karlahshain

Traveller Map: Coldstone

Desolate cold place… not sure it works..

Traveller Map: Alshain IV Desert World

Traveller Map: Klax II – with Cosmic Pack

Not bad…

Traveller World Map: Damadas Deluxe

Bit of Photoshopness…

Traveller World Map: Damadas

Damadas. World map, data from Heaven and Earth..

Traveller World Map Blank

Based on the original. My old sheet I did sometime ago had not enough hexes. The original of this is a massive 9000 pixels wide, print quality and editiable (each hex can be re-coloured in Illustrator)

Test Flight: Garuda

Traveller: Fiery Class Gunned Escort

Did this some time ago, based on the drawing by Tom Peter’s. Thought it needed a new render..


We released Chiron last week, like the last book its doing quite well. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy.