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Traveller Calender 2013 Roughs.

One thing I have been working on. As Andrew passed away I took the baton of the Traveller 2013 Calender project. Got quite a few good artists involved and it’s in tribute to Andrew Boulton

Heres the blank, cover. Hopefully it’s pretty close to the original.


Bit of a rough tester…

Traveller: Kalashain

Kalashain is a supplement to the Mongoose Traveller system which details a single system for use in any Traveller game.

Kalashain is a dry, barren world on the surface, but below ground are hidden a warren of tunnels and caverns filled with a vibrant ecology the likes of which is rarely seen on any world.


System Map III

System Map II

Star System Maps

Star System Map

Just a test. Names… well borrowed from my favorite novel…

Traveller: Ship Book Garuda

Finally a new book published, our third and hardest to do.

Traveller: Free Trader

Some sad news this week, we found out that fellow Traveller Artist Andrew Boulton had passed away, this is my little tribute to him. His Free Trader model was far better. He was behind the Traveller Calender and two of my pieces featured in the 2012 one, thanks Andrew.

Traveller Map: Fractal Terrains 3