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Traveller Calender 2013 Roughs.

One thing I have been working on. As Andrew passed away I took the baton of the Traveller 2013 Calender project. Got quite a few good artists involved and it’s in tribute to Andrew Boulton

Heres the blank, cover. Hopefully it’s pretty close to the original.


Bit of a rough tester…


Traveller: Kalashain

Kalashain is a supplement to the Mongoose Traveller system which details a single system for use in any Traveller game.

Kalashain is a dry, barren world on the surface, but below ground are hidden a warren of tunnels and caverns filled with a vibrant ecology the likes of which is rarely seen on any world.


System Map III

System Map II

Star System Maps

Star System Map

Just a test. Names… well borrowed from my favorite novel…

Traveller: Ship Book Garuda

Finally a new book published, our third and hardest to do.