2300AD: Guns guns guns….

Been doing a few guns for 2300AD now. Some are based on 2D images from the original rules, pimpmygun and a couple are original.

gun gunnew gun3


One response

  1. Derek

    I love the look of the first and third weapons. The first has a nice solid look to it, no ejector port so I’m assuming Gauss of some kind, that is one MONSTEROUS magazine though.

    The 3rd looks like some kind of laser weapon, or possibly a sonic weapon. I had an idea years ago for a survival laser, kind of like the civilian bullpup weapon in the second image. The idea was something that had a cover plate on the side with an integral solar panel in it. Marooned on Alpha Prime, no problem as long as you’ve got sunlight you’ve got ammo. Just don’t try to take down anything armored. It had a 4 or 6 hour charge cycle.

    August 20, 2013 at 5:09 am

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