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Traveller: Lune Flying

Pair of Rampart’s escorting an incoming Lune making an atmospheric landing.
Bit of colour art I didn’t put in the Lune Book.

Moon Toad Publishing Ship Book: Lune Class Freelancer

Just released!


The Lune is a multirole ship designed with small groups in mind such as freelancers,
agents and adventurers. With decent armour, weapons and engines, she can
fulfil a number of roles.


A description and guided tour of the vessel
Details of 6 notable ships of the class
3 versions of the Lune with complete deckplans, specifi cation and game sheets
The Gillow Class launch with one variant with deckplans and specifi cations
An example crew with complete game stats
New equipment

Included as seperate files are A3 sized, technical blueprints, deckplan (bluerpint style) and 15mm scale black and white plans on A3 size sheets

This book is for the Mongoose edition of Traveller and set in the Third Imperium,
although it could fit in just about any other setting.

Traveller: Dusty Spaceport

Dusty old spaceport on some desert world, a Lune Class Freelancer waits to off load it’s cargo.

Soon to be released Book!

Traveller: G-Carrier

Little something I did for Spica Publishing and John has kindly let me show it off.
Someone somewhere asked could I do a G-Carrier :O) (And yep it is inspired by a few things..)


Mindjammer: Venu Ancestral Voice Capital Ship

Another of the vessels from the Mindjammer RPG Second Edition, this time one of the bad guys vessels. Big, massive and clunky warship. Armed with a massive exotic ‘Dark Radiance Cannon’, disrupters and zero point torpedo launchers.