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Traveller: More Landrams (ATV)

atv plough

atv long

atv armed

atv cargo

Mindjammer RPG: Botany Bay Explorer Starship

The hardback edition is ship very very soon I hear, so here’s my revisit of the Botany Bay.
Got a little Jeff Wayne War of the Worlds vibe in there, I like design quite alot. Hopefully one day I shall revisit and give it a complete deck plan.

And heres a sneaky shot of one of the interior pages featuring the Mindjammer craft I did (sorry Sarah :O) )

Traveller: Gibson Landram

A little tribute. My version of the late Bryan Gibson’s Landram

‘A low tech but stupidly rugged ATV, a civilian model that’s less exploration and more general purpose. Generous cargo space, fully sealed interior and tracks that are wide for low ground pressure means the vehicle will go anyplace it won’t actually sink ( asking it to float is a bit much, I think) and easy to maintain. Perfect for Travellers who want rugged on the cheap!’

Here is the original.