TRO 3063: Roland Tank

The last of the models I did for TRO3063, time and other things prevented me from doing more.
I’ve posted the money shot render and the one closest to the final piece.

Ocelot Finished Version

I think both rendered version and this look as good as each other. This is the final version that made it into TRO3063

Image (c) Ian Stead

FWL Sarpedon TRO3063 Finished Model

Final Submitted version, 1st version turret was very impractical..

Kurita Merkava VII TRO3063

For the TRO 3063 Project, not the final submitted piece, but rather close. Nightstalker unit insignia, Kanji probably the name of a ship though..

Image (c) Ian Stead


Another vehicle from the TRO:3063 Project.

FWL Sarpedon