Minis: Kahn the Betrayer

From Hells heart I stab at thee…

Minis: W40K The Valhallans.

I liked these Russians sorry Valhallans, even faked the snow on the bases. Nice figures and fun to paint.

Chaos Warlord

Death to the False Emperor.. more mini work, Thanks Again to Liam for the Photo!

Space Wolf Captain

Really liked the helm on this figure. Thanks Liam for the Photography!

VBAM Minis: Terran Carthage and Monitor

More for VBAM’s mini range.

VBAM Minis: The Chouka Fleet

Painted for VBAM. Tricky to paint, some of the details where hard to pick out. And crazy me does them NMM style..

Vbam Minis: The Circassian Fleet

Something different. Part of the fleet of minis I painted for VBAM.