Clement Sector Billing Class Free Trader, Starlight Light Trader and Goldrush Belter

From the Clement Sector RPG setting .
From Gypsy Knights Games

billingv2 streduced



Terran AAF 212 Hornet

Bit of work from the TTA universe. Based on the original by Colin Hay



Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee-class Merchant Vessel

Lee Class Merchant from GKG’s Ship’s of the Clement Sector 10.
Turned out well, it is not often I use Vue as a render engine.



Reaver II

Matsuda Class Destroyer

Eventually became a ship in the Japanese Space Fleet in the Traveller:2300 universe. Might have done this in 2003.

The Swarm

Thousands of them!

Really old, perhaps 2007, done in DOGA. I think I did it for the Arachnid Race in the Fire On The Suns Universe.