Huntress is back

Decided to rework this design. Based on the art by Nic Weeks from White Dwarf 70.
I re-did if for Merchant and Cruisers as the Huntress, originally it was called Hunter.

Clement Sector Billing Class Free Trader, Starlight Light Trader and Goldrush Belter

From the Clement Sector RPG setting .
From Gypsy Knights Games

billingv2 streduced


Terran AAF 212 Hornet

Bit of work from the TTA universe. Based on the original by Colin Hay



Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee-class Merchant Vessel

Lee Class Merchant from GKG’s Ship’s of the Clement Sector 10.
Turned out well, it is not often I use Vue as a render engine.



Reaver II

Matsuda Class Destroyer

Eventually became a ship in the Japanese Space Fleet in the Traveller:2300 universe. Might have done this in 2003.

The Swarm

Thousands of them!

Really old, perhaps 2007, done in DOGA. I think I did it for the Arachnid Race in the Fire On The Suns Universe.