Gas Giants

Eat your heart out Magrathea!


Attack Squadron: Roswell

Bit of a Work in Progress – Its for Zozer Games Attack Squadron Roswell

f86 f86a f86b a86skew

Reaver I

Gas Giant Moon

So needs a ship there…

The Void Two

Except it is not really a void… Theres a sodding planet there… Cosmic Pack is great

The Void One

Got to love Digital Heavens…pretty much lets you build planets and stuff easily.. automates the boring manual bits..

Old Work: The Gate

Another old one.. Model of the ship was in DOGA and the gate was 3DS. Rendered in Vue. Used a greeble plugin on the gate and theres a water texture in the middle.

Bad Weather

Bit of an Oldie, but an online SciFi Mag used it as a cover.

ZetaII Reticuli

Nice bit o’ Backdrop art. Vue Render.
Probably the wrong star type for that star system..