Lord Somerset Class Subsidized Liner

Based on the FASA design. Private commission, unlike my other version, this is little more curvy.




Spacecraft:Design Guide

Release sometime ago.

Spacecraft Design Guide on Drivethru



From one man work pods working around orbitals to kilometer long armoured warships displacing a megaton, the space ships of known space are as varied as the crews that operate them.

Expanding on the basic starship design rules from the Cepheus Engine System Reference Document, the Spacecraft Design Guide provides the tools for a naval architect to design small craft, traders, light naval vessels or massive capital ships. They can install the latest technology to allow the ship to jump interstellar distances, use inertialess drives that bend gravity to the will of the ship, move by falling towards microscopic black holes or “ride fire“ on a ship that uses a fusion plasma drive and spin gravity to provide for crew comfort. They can also design low technology missile armed warships or capital ships bristling with high energy weapons and capital ship killing torpedoes.

New advanced rules allow for naval capital ship combat where massed barrages rather than the fire from a single turret hit decide who the victor will be.

This a companion to the Cepheus Engine RPG, it does not necessarily require that book to use. Any similiar 2d6 based system will work with this.

Haynes TTA

Another fake Haynes manual.


Kinunir class cruiser takes a hit.


Faux Haynes Manual. The Colorado appears in the Hostile RPG from Zozer Games

Gibson ATV

Based on the ATV illustration by the late Bryan Gibson

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Words from Dylan Thomas.
The Nishemani Class Corsair.