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Traveller: 100 Ton Fast Scout Design Derby



We released Chiron last week, like the last book its doing quite well. Thanks to everyone who bought a copy.

Ship Book Aegis is out!

Quicker than we thought ! Its out!

‘Gorgon Press are pleased to announce that our first product has now gone on sale. Please visit the following link to purchase ‘Ship Book: Aegis Class Scout’.

2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans

Classic Style

2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part IV No Shadow

2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part IV

Some Photoshop tomfoolery and a go at a flight patch…

2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part II

Bit more and some changes…

2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP)

Finally getting somewhere, trying  different style of plans yet keeping the classic look and not looking too cluttered. Figure I can do colour versions and more textured ones too.

HMS Black Swan WIP Part 2 – Setup

I usually start sketchup up and use any template thats in metres. Its personnal choice, just I find metres easy as the Traveller map scale is metres. In theory I could export the image as eps on a 1:1 Scale…. scary (eps export is in the pro version) I always use the ‘large tool set’ too.

Turn off perspective and set the camera view to ‘top’.

To start off I draw a 1.5 metre square grid:

The tape measure tool draws the ‘guide line’ grid. Drag the 1st line from the x or y axis, type 1.5 in the box, then drag from the line you just drew. SU will do something clever, the next guide you create will ‘snap’ to 1.5m (hard to explain I’m afraid – but it does mean you are not contantly type 1.5 in the box). You do not have to draw masses of lines. Draw some x-y to make the grid then select all and hit the move tool and press ctrl to copy.. makes more sense when you do it and you can moves this copy so it align perfectly. You may end up with a guide line over a guide line, this sort of looks less like a guideline, you can delete and redo it or leave it.

Then copy all, create group (right click) and lock the selection if you need too. (right click too)

I usually then add a layer, so the grid line is on a seperate layer to the drawing.

HMS Black Swan WIP Part 1a – Intro

You maybe wondering what this WIP (Work in Progress) is. Someone on the MGT forum gave me an idea to show how I make my plans. Well this will be a rough guide, as in rough as a badgers… well you get the idea. I’ll do my best and try not to give too much away.

This assumes you have sketchup and some sort of image edit program, Gimp is ok and free Sketchup should be sufficient. Of course any other program could be used, like inkscape. Just I don’t know them, sorry.To be honest I don’t know Gimp that well and I use PS.., there all pretty much the same..

I usually start with an idea of what the hull looks like, in this case the ‘client’ has suggested a needle/wedge ala the classic sort of vessel (Imperial Star Destroyers, The Kinunir, HMSS Cheeseblock etc) Makes my job easier and the fact he’s given me the specs. I do  the lots, specs, blurb, deckplan and a 3D model too, so any help is good. Mind you if I do the specs I find sometime as I do the drawing, I can tweaking things if need be.

Well more as soon as the Dry Dock is empty, got a rush job on….