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We build cathedrals to our pain.

It been awhile. While I make an attempt to make a professional portfolio, this will do.
Patrol ships under fire. Borrowed that line from Machine Head.

2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part III


Traveller 2300: Vogelperspektive Suns Take 3

Different render engine.

Reagan Render MK1

In Bryce.. Trying to get a more realistic render. Alas the hull numbers and name didn’t port over.

Traveller 2300: SSV-21 with Spaceplanes B

Traveller 2300: SSV-21 with Spaceplanes A

Traveller: Beowulf On Approach

This was the original entry to the competition hosted by Gypsy Knight Games. Unfortunately I was unable to use the Free Trader model.

Traveller 2300: La Fayette on Patrol

Traveller: Beowulf Free Trader Multi Shot

TTA: Terran Mite

Something from a long time ago, plan was to do a TTA site in the style of the books…

Annic Nova Multi-Views

Merchants and Cruisers Preview

Mongoose have put up a preview of Supplement 10: Merchants and Cruiser for Traveller. Features work by me and Andrew Welty. Check it out:

Click Preview.


I borrowed the logo from SSwarlock on the Mongoose Traveller forum. Even added some sort of minor hull dirtyness…

Deck Plan: WIP The Maw

2000ton Junker/Salvager. The 2 white sections are the side and top diagrams. Each deck is 90 degree to the big ‘dry dock’ area forward. Bidge sit on the ‘top’ of the hull. The Cutter sits underneath. Not fittings on this plan, I add them in later in AI.Any resemblance to a certain Jupiter Mining Corp ship is coincidence….

Something wicked this way comes…

Little bit of a sneaky peak…I got the idea for the Pirate logo from one of Chris Foss’s designs.

Sneak Peak

Type E ‘Garuda’ Class Escort with friendlies.

Traveller: Broadsword Escort

Great Space Battles : The Lima II

Whilst rummaging about in the archives, I came across another version I did of the Lima. I used a Japanese Program called Metasequia to built this. I really need to make a new version!

Suleiman Rear View

The Swarm

Thousands of them!

Really old, perhaps 2007, done in DOGA. I think I did it for the Arachnid Race in the Fire On The Suns Universe.

Traveller: Huntress

Kind of inspired by the deluxe Traveller box set. The Huntress is a bounty hunter ship I’ve done for Mongoose.

Spacewrecks : Wreck 1 – revisited

Whilst rummaging about I found another version of this wreck.

Huntress Class Type HT Bounty Hunter Vessel 3 Way Shot

Huntress 3 Way View Shot.