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DeVass Class Private Starship

Named after the DeVass Warp Generator from the TTA books, this is my take on the much maligned Traveller Type Yacht.


Type M Subsidized Liner ‘Distant Horizon’

Yep think I am happy with this one. Added some livery and tweaked the hull. Just needs to fix the forward passenger windows and the underside.

Traveller: Lune Flying

Pair of Rampart’s escorting an incoming Lune making an atmospheric landing.
Bit of colour art I didn’t put in the Lune Book.

Moon Toad Publishing Ship Book: Lune Class Freelancer

Just released!


The Lune is a multirole ship designed with small groups in mind such as freelancers,
agents and adventurers. With decent armour, weapons and engines, she can
fulfil a number of roles.


A description and guided tour of the vessel
Details of 6 notable ships of the class
3 versions of the Lune with complete deckplans, specifi cation and game sheets
The Gillow Class launch with one variant with deckplans and specifi cations
An example crew with complete game stats
New equipment

Included as seperate files are A3 sized, technical blueprints, deckplan (bluerpint style) and 15mm scale black and white plans on A3 size sheets

This book is for the Mongoose edition of Traveller and set in the Third Imperium,
although it could fit in just about any other setting.

Mindjammer: Herald Class Fast Courier

Another vessel from the upcoming Mindjammer RPG. This is a small agile craft used by the instrumentalities for urgent diplomatic missions.
Much like the Mindjammer, it’s sentient also.

I went for a retro rocket, sleek as hell vibe. This is a colour shot not in the book I did just to show it off.


Traveller: Garuda in Green

Been mucking about with a fancy render engine. Here’s the Garuda MSV in green.



The ship deckplans and other stuff are here:-


Also a wonderful render of the Classic Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser.



Traveller:Tripping the light fantastic


Traveller: Lambda Septa Arrival

2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part II

Bit more and some changes…

Reaver II

Traveller: Fugit

Another experiment with CP2..

2300AD: Final SSV-21 Cassini

Finale and used version of the SSV-21

Traveller: Trader Orbit

Mucking about with fancy renders and new backdrops…

Traveller Starports: Tanker

Arty render of the Tanker and recovery ship I did for Mongoose Traveller Starports..

Thorez on the Runway

Traveller 2300: Thorez WIP II With Wings

Traveller 2300: Kennedy WIP

Traveller 2300: SSV-21 Cassini

Getting there.

Traveller 2300: Rough SSV-21 WIP

Traveller 2300: Aconit Class Frigate F170 La Fayette (4 way shot)

Traveller: Darrian Donosedh

Traveller Ships

A few of the ships and I have done for Mongoose and some others too. Lots more to come.

Traveller: Beowulf Class Free Trader

Rokghiok Vargr Stealth Runner

Glammed up and pretty render of the ‘Rok’ from Merchants and Cruisers.