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2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part III


Traveller 2300: Tanstaafl ‘Jail Bird’

Traveller 2300: 1st US Marine Division Patch

Traveller 2300: ARI

The Astronomischen Rechen-Institut Logo

Traveller 2300: Bayern Mission Patch

Traveller 2300: Tanstaafl Police Logo

Been pottering about with some logos and insignia from 2300..

Traveller 2300: Vogelperspektive Suns Take 3

Different render engine.

Traveller 2300: Vogelperspektive Suns Take 2

Been somewhat neglecting the old blog…little busy in the drydock with a big project… so I’ve squeezed out this render of the Vogel with a visiting Thorez.


Cambaceres Class Survey Vessel WIP 1

Rougher than  a badgers…. but gettting there.. Note to self install plugins on both machines…

Thorez on the Runway

Traveller 2300: Thorez WIP II With Wings

Traveller 2300: Vogelperspektive

From Ships of the French Arm

Traveller 2300AD: La Fayette new render

Reagan Render MK1

In Bryce.. Trying to get a more realistic render. Alas the hull numbers and name didn’t port over.

Traveller 2300: Star Cruiser JKF & FDR

Traveller 2300: WIP Frigate Part III

Hmmm, not sure it works…back to part 2 but I like the nose.

Traveller 2300: WIP Frigate Part II

The designing goes on…

Traveller 2300: WIP Frigate

A little some I had for an idea for a frigate or destroyer for the Royal Navy in 2300.. Work In Progress (little bit of inspiration from Laurent’s stuff on Etranger 2300)

TRAVELLER 2300: Aconit and Kennedy

TRAVELLER 2300: Star Cruiser

Traveller 2300: Kennedy WIP III

Now she’s the Ronnie…

Traveller 2300: Kennedy WIP II

Traveller 2300: Kennedy WIP

Traveller 2300: SSV-21 with Spaceplanes B