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Traveller: Vargr Sorrgheg Reaver

Just loving how these turn out.. Another from Merchants and Cruisers, the Vargr Sorrgheg Reaver Vessel.

nolg fighter reiver_REDUX


Traveller: Vargr Strike Fighter Revisited

nolg fighter

Traveller Ships

A few of the ships and I have done for Mongoose and some others too. Lots more to come.

Rokghiok Vargr Stealth Runner

Glammed up and pretty render of the ‘Rok’ from Merchants and Cruisers.

Vargr Nguksu Armoured Fast Trader

From Supplement: 10 Merchants and Cruisers.

Traveller: Sorrgheg Vargr Reaver

From Merchants and Cruisers.


I borrowed the logo from SSwarlock on the Mongoose Traveller forum. Even added some sort of minor hull dirtyness…

Khoghue Multi View Shot

Think I might do some more this way.