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Traveller 2300: BfLkPz-IX Ausf C

Traveller: Modular Cutter

Traveller: ATV

Based on the ATV in the Traveller JTAS Issue 3 and in the Deluxe box set.

Traveller: Sorrgheg Vargr Reaver

From Merchants and Cruisers.

Traveller: Recovery Ship

From Starports.


Something for the future.

Traveller: Shakarkha Starliner

A Mini tutorial: How to ‘Lathe’ in SU

How to Lathe…

Please note I have switched show hidden geometry on and if you want the objects to be less blocky ie higher polys, edit the number of segments using right click > entity info > segments – you cannot do this on the finished object, only the circle and the arcs in this example.

A. Draw your shape of the hull, it may help to draw it in 1 half then copy and add to the other – I used the line and arc tool to make the flat shape. Keep that shape and copy (move tool and Ctrl) You can use that shape later and for the deck plan or create that shape from the deckplan…

B. Draw a line from the centre of the flat shape and draw a circle 90 degrees to it (green axis) – delete the line after, you don’t need it, just its easy to draw the circle from the end of the line.

C. Click the circumference of the circle, so it goes blue. This is the path. Then with the circumference selected, click the ‘follow me too’l then the shape – you should see the object i.e. hull appear!

D. After this you have a nice hull, using the rubber tool+ctrl or the smooth/soften edges you can get rid of any lines (right click to get that) I then scale it. Really this is all up to you what you do.

E. I chop the hull in half. It is so much easier to work on the hull in half.

Not bad for a sore head…

Merchants and Cruisers Preview

Mongoose have put up a preview of Supplement 10: Merchants and Cruiser for Traveller. Features work by me and Andrew Welty. Check it out:

Click Preview.


I borrowed the logo from SSwarlock on the Mongoose Traveller forum. Even added some sort of minor hull dirtyness…

Deck Plan: WIP The Maw

2000ton Junker/Salvager. The 2 white sections are the side and top diagrams. Each deck is 90 degree to the big ‘dry dock’ area forward. Bidge sit on the ‘top’ of the hull. The Cutter sits underneath. Not fittings on this plan, I add them in later in AI.Any resemblance to a certain Jupiter Mining Corp ship is coincidence….

War Dogs: The Harpy

Cute little recon chopper.

Something wicked this way comes…

Little bit of a sneaky peak…I got the idea for the Pirate logo from one of Chris Foss’s designs.

Dogfight: Dagger 2 in Trouble

Bit of an experiment..

War Dogs: Salamander

One more from Wardogs. Based on a pencil sketch from Todd Pote. It’d quite a nice design, perhaps worth re-doing in SU..

Starports: Got something published.

I’ve done a little art work (plans and designs) for this book from Mongoose. So finally I’ve got something published in print, not PDF.

Heres a link to the book, I’ll post some nice render of one or two of the ships I did for it at some point.

Nice cover, but not mine.