Last in line.

Two Type A Free Traders near the gas giant Mairposa IV


One of the stranger ships in the Traveller verse. It has no M-Drive..
This is an old model, just heavily tarted up.

Huntress is back

Decided to rework this design. Based on the art by Nic Weeks from White Dwarf 70.
I re-did if for Merchant and Cruisers as the Huntress, originally it was called Hunter.

Lord Somerset Class Subsidized Liner

Based on the FASA design. Private commission, unlike my other version, this is little more curvy.



Spacecraft:Design Guide

Release sometime ago.

Spacecraft Design Guide on Drivethru



From one man work pods working around orbitals to kilometer long armoured warships displacing a megaton, the space ships of known space are as varied as the crews that operate them.

Expanding on the basic starship design rules from the Cepheus Engine System Reference Document, the Spacecraft Design Guide provides the tools for a naval architect to design small craft, traders, light naval vessels or massive capital ships. They can install the latest technology to allow the ship to jump interstellar distances, use inertialess drives that bend gravity to the will of the ship, move by falling towards microscopic black holes or “ride fire“ on a ship that uses a fusion plasma drive and spin gravity to provide for crew comfort. They can also design low technology missile armed warships or capital ships bristling with high energy weapons and capital ship killing torpedoes.

New advanced rules allow for naval capital ship combat where massed barrages rather than the fire from a single turret hit decide who the victor will be.

This a companion to the Cepheus Engine RPG, it does not necessarily require that book to use. Any similiar 2d6 based system will work with this.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Words from Dylan Thomas.
The Nishemani Class Corsair.

We build cathedrals to our pain.

It been awhile. While I make an attempt to make a professional portfolio, this will do.
Patrol ships under fire. Borrowed that line from Machine Head.

Edge of Darkness

Inspired by the opening credits of ALIEN



My next book is taking a fair while to get sort… finally it’s in layout and of course it needs more art…


Dragon Class System Defence Boat

An oldish model/image I revisited and improved.


DeVass Class Private Starship

Named after the DeVass Warp Generator from the TTA books, this is my take on the much maligned Traveller Type Yacht.


Clement Sector Billing Class Free Trader, Starlight Light Trader and Goldrush Belter

From the Clement Sector RPG setting .
From Gypsy Knights Games

billingv2 streduced


Ship Book:Type A Free Trader

Been out awhile, the Classic Type A re imagined by me and written by Michael Johnson.



Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee-class Merchant Vessel

Lee Class Merchant from GKG’s Ship’s of the Clement Sector 10.
Turned out well, it is not often I use Vue as a render engine.



Into the Dark

Gazelle Class Escort vessel.
Based on the Traveller ship described in Traders and Gunboats and a few other places.


Fiery Updated

Bit of an update on the Fiery. Added the Launch, which docks underneath the main vessel.

fieryiii12 c

Type M Subsidized Liner ‘Distant Horizon’

Yep think I am happy with this one. Added some livery and tweaked the hull. Just needs to fix the forward passenger windows and the underside.

Type M Subsidized Liner

Based on the William H. Keith Jr art

subbie liner rev


My take on the classic Traveller Adventure 1: Kinunir.
I suspect the height is not quite right. But it is a nice ship none the less.

kinunir  c kinunir a

Shot next to a Sydkai, I think I got the sizes wrong and for some reason thought the Sydkai was 1200 tons not 2000 as it should be. The actual length is up for debate. I would have to draw the plans the get it 100% correct I think.
kinunir syd

Calypso Class A3L Far Trader

A 300 ton stretched version of the Far Trader. Based on Classic Traveller stats and a deck plan by Michael Johnson.

stretchy model


Close ups of the cockpit,
stretchy model v1

stretchy model v1 a


Dragon Flight Wallpapers

Take you pick, we have 2560×1440, 1920×1200 and 1600×1200 !

Enjoy, feel free to use, but credit me if you pass them on and do not link or host them yourselves.





Dragon Flight

rising patrol

Ships of Clement Sector 4: Small Craft

Last project I worked on, designing oodles of small craft!

‘Great things come in small packages!

Gypsy Knights Games is proud to present the fourth entry in our newest line of products dedicated to the starships of Clement Sector.

In Ships of Clement Sector 4: Small Craft, Gypsy Knights Games brings you not one vessel but a total of fifteen different ships! See small craft as varied as the F-212 Scorpion interceptor, the Eagle-class ship’s boat, and the Orbit-class assault lander.

Ships of Clement Sector 4: Small Craft comes complete with beautiful views of each of these ships. Each ship is shown with full deckplans and statistics to make your use of our product simple, easy, and fun.

Though designed specifically with our Clement Sector setting in mind, each of these ships could easily be used in any Traveller setting.

Get on board! Adventure awaits!’



Traveller: Dragon !