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HMS Valiant

Ah something a little different, something I did based on the ships from MJ12s Iron Stars games. An old one done in DOGA. I think the hull rivets worked well.

Credit due to the creator of the Iron Stars vessels – Mike Dugan


WIP: Broadsword Class Mercenary Cruiser 4-Way Shot


Spacewrecks : Wreck 1 – revisited

Whilst rummaging about I found another version of this wreck.

Ship of the Week: Starbug

It’s small, green and is not armed and with laser cannons…

”The Jupiter Mining Corporation transport vehicle Starbug (full name Starbug I) is a relatively small shuttlecraft, green in colour. It has three bulbous sections, the cockpit, mid-section and engine rooms, somewhat resembling a bug from the exterior”

(image Red Dwarf Wikia)

Traveller 2300: Dingo Assault APC

I took the hull of the Ocelot and built this. I managed to work out a way of building hover skirts in SU, but it really slows SU up.

Not strictly for Traveller 2300, but it could fit in. This does not appear on any site or book and is original.

Spacewrecks: Desert Derelict

Another image inspired by the TTA Book Space Wrecks. Bryce Model and Render, just simple primitives and a transparency texture.

Huntress Class Type HT Bounty Hunter Vessel 3 Way Shot

Huntress 3 Way View Shot.