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2300AD: Blue Whale Specs

2300AD: Blue Whale

My rendition of the ‘Blue Whale’ SAR Aerodyne from the orginal rules

Traveller: March Harrier

Funky render of the ship I did for Mongoose’s Traveller Aramis Adventure. Based on the classic Traveller adventure.

Reaver II

Reaver I

Traveller: Free Trader Lacrymosa II

Planetary Tool Kit 2: Korinthea

Quiet of late, currently trying to do a ship book, but I did a little bit ofwork on this:

I did a vehicle model/illustration for it it, to see it you will have to buy it! Its a damn fine useful bit of material for Traveller.

Heres the link:

A Ship Book?

Just an idea…

Gas Giant Moon

So needs a ship there…

Traveller: Aramis Freighters

Heres a scale shot of all the freighters I did for:

If you look carefully you can see the correct logos for each line.

Traveller: Fugit

Another experiment with CP2..

2300AD: Lynx

Colourful renders of something I did for the new book.

The Void Two

Except it is not really a void… Theres a sodding planet there… Cosmic Pack is great