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Into the Dark

Gazelle Class Escort vessel.
Based on the Traveller ship described in Traders and Gunboats and a few other places.


Ships of Clement Sector 1: Kiviat

Latest product I have worked on from Gypsy Knights Games. Check it out, I am very proud of the illustrations I did for this.

‘Gypsy Knights Games is proud to present the first in a line of products dedicated to the starships of Clement Sector.

The Kiviat-class is a patrol corvette designed and built by the Hub Federation to combat the local piracy problem.  Armed to the teeth and lightning fast, the Kiviat is more than capable of hunting down and destroying any pirates in the region.

At 600 tons, the Kiviat can make an ideal ship on which to set an adventure.  The ship could be used as the basis of a naval campaign, an enemy for those characters engaged in piracy, or a powerful personal ship for a group of hardcore adventurers.

Ships of Clement Sector 1: Kiviat comes complete with beautiful views of the Kiviat as well as full deckplans and statistics to make your use of the product simple, easy, and fun.  Though designed specifically with our Clement Sector setting in mind, the Kiviat could easily be used in any Traveller setting.

Get on board!  Adventure awaits!’

Traveller: Warlock

Warlock again, this time with a space back drop.


2300AD Coming Soon

Apologies for the distinct lack of posts, I’m doing some work for the new 2300AD book from Mongoose Publishing. Colin Dunn has written it, I’m doing the deck plans (all done, just some tweaks and layouts to work out), Laurent Esmoil has done most of the ship renders, I’ll be doing some of the ship renders too, and possibly some other art…

Here’s the rather good cover, alas I don’t know the artist:


Traveller 2300: Vogelperspektive Suns

Traveller 2300: WIP Frigate Part II

The designing goes on…

Traveller 2300: Kennedy WIP III

Now she’s the Ronnie…

VBAM:The Terran Civil War: Stirlings on patrol

An old one, two Striling Class Crusiers out by Mars. Vue Render – Doga Models.