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Iron Rain

Really old one, but I like the rain. Vue and DOGA

VBAM:The Terran Civil War: Stirlings on patrol

An old one, two Striling Class Crusiers out by Mars. Vue Render – Doga Models.

Traveller 2300: AVCI-3

Another from the vehicle guide.

Traveller 2300: Gefectspanzertrager-XIII

From the Traveller 2300 Vehicle Guide.

Traveller 2300: M9 Hover Tank ‘Shit Kicker’

Traveller 2300: M9 Hover Tank w/ Missiles

Bit of tweakage and some missiles

Traveller 2300: Bridgeport Swift Warbird

Just like the Traveller Ground Vehicle Guide says: Tow cable and pintle mounted gun.

Traveller 2300: M9 Hover Tank

Traveller 2300: Bridgeport Swift Songbird

Not quite the Warbird version yet….

Traveller 2300: Aero-Char 8

From the Traveller Vehicle Guide and Adventurers Guide.

Annic Nova Multi-Views

Annic Nova Render 2

Annic Nova Published

Finally the Classic Annic Nova from JTAS 1 is in Signs and Portents. I did the plans and ship image (also worked out the stats only so I got the correct sizes)


Link is here to the issue:

Traveller 2300: Kangaroo IV

Kangaroo IV from the Traveller 2300 Vehicle Guide
More info here: