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Traveller: Garuda in Green

Been mucking about with a fancy render engine. Here’s the Garuda MSV in green.



The ship deckplans and other stuff are here:-


Also a wonderful render of the Classic Broadsword class Mercenary Cruiser.


2300AD: Clarke Class Explorer Plans (WIP) Part III


TTA: Terran Mite

Something from a long time ago, plan was to do a TTA site in the style of the books…

Annic Nova Multi-Views

Traveller: Shakarkha Starliner

Merchants and Cruisers Preview

Mongoose have put up a preview of Supplement 10: Merchants and Cruiser for Traveller. Features work by me and Andrew Welty. Check it out:

Click Preview.

Deck Plan: WIP The Maw

2000ton Junker/Salvager. The 2 white sections are the side and top diagrams. Each deck is 90 degree to the big ‘dry dock’ area forward. Bidge sit on the ‘top’ of the hull. The Cutter sits underneath. Not fittings on this plan, I add them in later in AI.Any resemblance to a certain Jupiter Mining Corp ship is coincidence….

Something wicked this way comes…

Little bit of a sneaky peak…I got the idea for the Pirate logo from one of Chris Foss’s designs.

Dogfight: Dagger 2 in Trouble

Bit of an experiment..

Sneak Peak

Type E ‘Garuda’ Class Escort with friendlies.

Nolrrgarrai Vargr Strike Fighter Radiosity Render


Traveller: 5th Frontier War

Reminds me of the cover of the Game 5th Frontier War.

Pilots borrowed from the Google Library.

Great Space Battles : The Lima II

Whilst rummaging about in the archives, I came across another version I did of the Lima. I used a Japanese Program called Metasequia to built this. I really need to make a new version!

Spacewrecks : Wreck 1 – revisited

Whilst rummaging about I found another version of this wreck.

Huntress Class Type HT Bounty Hunter Vessel 3 Way Shot

Huntress 3 Way View Shot.

Work In Progress: Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser

I see a dark sail on the horizon
Set under a dark cloud that hides the sun

Ship of the Week: Blake’s 7 The Liberator

Quite possible one of the best designs ever, unique and very stylish. I was hooked on Blake’s 7 in the 80s, definitely an inspiration for me.

‘The Liberator was an abandoned spacecraft found drifting near Cygnus Alpha, it was equipped with powerful weapons, force field protection, and a system of battle computers.’

VBAM Minis: Terran Carthage and Monitor

More for VBAM’s mini range.

VBAM Minis: The Chouka Fleet

Painted for VBAM. Tricky to paint, some of the details where hard to pick out. And crazy me does them NMM style..

Vbam Minis: The Circassian Fleet

Something different. Part of the fleet of minis I painted for VBAM.