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Traveller 2300: AVCI-3

Another from the vehicle guide.

Traveller 2300: Gefectspanzertrager-XIII

From the Traveller 2300 Vehicle Guide.

War Dogs: Salamander

One more from Wardogs. Based on a pencil sketch from Todd Pote. It’d quite a nice design, perhaps worth re-doing in SU..

APC Clay Render

Built in doga with a hull made in metasequia. Vue Render.

War Dogs: USN Armadillo IFV

Great design, based on a sketch from Todd Pote. (Done in DOGA, VUE render)

Traveller 2300: Dingo Assault APC

I took the hull of the Ocelot and built this. I managed to work out a way of building hover skirts in SU, but it really slows SU up.

Not strictly for Traveller 2300, but it could fit in. This does not appear on any site or book and is original.