War Dogs

War Dogs: The Harpy

Cute little recon chopper.

War Dogs: Salamander

One more from Wardogs. Based on a pencil sketch from Todd Pote. It’d quite a nice design, perhaps worth re-doing in SU..

War Dogs: Hawkwood Mech

War Dogs: Namer Mech

War Dogs: Wolf Spider Mech

HDRI Render. One more of the War Dogs models.

APC Clay Render

Built in doga with a hull made in metasequia. Vue Render.

War Dogs: Sand Storm Hover Tank

Another of the wardogs vehicles. DOGA model, Vue Render.

War Dogs: USN Armadillo IFV

Great design, based on a sketch from Todd Pote. (Done in DOGA, VUE render)

War Dogs: Pashurr MLRS Tanks

Inspired by a certain MLRS tank in the British Army. The rear pack is a reload for the rocket system. Thinking about the exhaust from the launched rockets might cook off the reload pack…

War Dogs: Jackhammer Mech

Another mech from the War Dogs game, built in Doga.

Riot Tank

That’s a big cannon for a Riot Tank….Ended up in Wardogs but with legs as the Polizei walker.

War Dogs: Cover Art

The final cover minus graphics. Doga Models – Vue Render.

War Dogs: Apache Mech

This is based on the Locust from Battletech. Vue Render – DOGA Model

War Dogs: Masada Super Heavy Battle Tank

Just plain silly !

War Dogs: Tenacious Render

Tenacious Mecha from War Dogs. Doga Model, Vue D’espirit render

War Dogs: Yishai Render

Built in DOGA, Vue D’espirit Render

War Dogs: Nagmachon Render

GI render of the Nagmachon Mech from War Dogs

Dogs of War: Urban Dogs

And this time out on the streets…
Vue Render, Doga Models.

Dogs of War: Snow Dogs

Another for Dogs of War. Vue render, Doga Models.

Wardogs: Parmenion Tank

Another Doga Model, Vue render. I think this was put in wardogs…

Wardogs: Polizei Walker

Another old one from the Wardogs project (Hope I got the name right)

Dogs Of War