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Terran AAF 212 Hornet

Bit of work from the TTA universe. Based on the original by Colin Hay



TTA: SSF34C Falchion

Revisited and made a hell of a lot better.

Terran Trade Authority: The Proxima War (Savage Worlds)

Lack of posts?, well  moving house and getting used to a new routine, longer commute and less time, but we are getting back to normal slowly..

Meanwhile something I hope to be involved in, if it gets the funding. I’ll be doing some of the art/deckplans for it.
Please support.

Terran Trade Authority: Lima Work In Progress 2


Terran Trade Authority: Lima Work In Progress

Always wanted to redo to this one, one of Peter Elson’s best designs in my opinion. The original appears in Great Space Battles and was the cover for The Outerposter by Gordon R Dickson. You can see the original here:

Terran Trade Authority: SSF34C Falchion

Just an idea. Modern version of the Cutlass..

Spacewrecks 2: Crash on Myope III

Old one, Vue render and a model made in 3DS. Bit of another homage to the TTA Spacewrecks Book.

Great Space Battles : The Lima II

Whilst rummaging about in the archives, I came across another version I did of the Lima. I used a Japanese Program called Metasequia to built this. I really need to make a new version!

Great Space Battles : The Lima

Some thing I did based on a ship by Peter Elson. Click here for the original by him: –

It appeared in the TTA Book Great Space Battles. Mean to redo do this one, learn’t alot since then..