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Traveller World Map Blank

Based on the original. My old sheet I did sometime ago had not enough hexes. The original of this is a massive 9000 pixels wide, print quality and editiable (each hex can be re-coloured in Illustrator)

Traveller World Map

Look a freebie! Big version of the Isothingy world map for Traveller.. I needed one for something I’m doing, couldn’t find one big enough or high rez so here it is.. feel free to use though a name check would be nice. !

If you use in PS, add as a layer > set to multiply, add layer underneath… the lines will act as an overlay.

Couple of the test versions…

This is a rough ‘Mithril’ like version… strange grey area is ice

Traveller: I don’t just do Starships Part III

Better version! Thanks for the suggestions!


Traveller: I don’t just do Starships Part II

‘My god it’s full of stars..’