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Just an idea…

Terran Trade Authority: Lima Work In Progress 2


Terran Trade Authority: Lima Work In Progress

Always wanted to redo to this one, one of Peter Elson’s best designs in my opinion. The original appears in Great Space Battles and was the cover for The Outerposter by Gordon R Dickson. You can see the original here:

Terran Trade Authority: SSF34C Falchion

Just an idea. Modern version of the Cutlass..

Traveller:Campaign 2: The Pirates of Drinax Adventure 2 Treasure Ship

Did the deckplan for the vessel in the latest instalment of Pirates of Drinax from Mongoose. (link below)
Its a free adventure, alas there was no room for the ship image, but here it is.

2300AD: Bandersnatch 117th Colour Plate

Rough, well it was a request..

2300AD: Ukrainian Bandersnatch Colour Plate

Still rough..

2300AD: Blue Whale Colour Plate.

Rough as badger ass… but getting there.

Error tilt… that should be CR-22

2300AD: Bandersnatch ‘Rhapsody’ Colour Plate

All done Sketchup, Photoshop and Illustrator..

Looking for that colour plate effect you get in aircraft books.

2300AD: Grey Bandersnatch

2300AD: Bandersnatch

2300AD: Explorer ATV

Features in the new 2300AD, based on the illustration in the original.

2300AD: ‘Hump-It’

From the new 2300AD RPG

2300AD: Sea Squid