Old Work

Old Work: Orbital Way Station

Bit of an old effort using Doga. PS created planet. Call it the Mushroom Station.

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Iron Rain

Really old one, but I like the rain. Vue and DOGA

VBAM:The Terran Civil War: Stirlings on patrol

An old one, two Striling Class Crusiers out by Mars. Vue Render – Doga Models.

The Swarm

Thousands of them!

Really old, perhaps 2007, done in DOGA. I think I did it for the Arachnid Race in the Fire On The Suns Universe.

Victorian Aether Navy Group Fly By

Very old one done in Doga, pretty much my own designs with a little inspiration from Mr Duke.

Riot Tank

That’s a big cannon for a Riot Tank….Ended up in Wardogs but with legs as the Polizei walker.

War Dogs: Cover Art

The final cover minus graphics. Doga Models – Vue Render.