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Ship Book:Type A Free Trader

Been out awhile, the Classic Type A re imagined by me and written by Michael Johnson.





Mindjammer RPG: Kickstarter

The past couple of years I have been involved in creating some of the art for the Mindjammer RPG. Well now it has a Kickstarter, I’m even listed as part of the team:)

It’s doing well and is is close to it’s £8K stretch goal already after 3 days. What I am excited about is the £10K goal which will unlock a Traveller version !




Ships of Clement Sector 10: Lee-class Merchant Vessel

Lee Class Merchant from GKG’s Ship’s of the Clement Sector 10.
Turned out well, it is not often I use Vue as a render engine.




Into the Dark

Gazelle Class Escort vessel.
Based on the Traveller ship described in Traders and Gunboats and a few other places.


Fiery Updated

Bit of an update on the Fiery. Added the Launch, which docks underneath the main vessel.

fieryiii12 c

Type M Subsidized Liner ‘Distant Horizon’

Yep think I am happy with this one. Added some livery and tweaked the hull. Just needs to fix the forward passenger windows and the underside.

Type M Subsidized Liner

Based on the William H. Keith Jr art

subbie liner rev


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