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Type M Subsidized Liner ‘Distant Horizon’

Yep think I am happy with this one. Added some livery and tweaked the hull. Just needs to fix the forward passenger windows and the underside.

Type M Subsidized Liner

Based on the William H. Keith Jr art

subbie liner rev


My take on the classic Traveller Adventure 1: Kinunir.
I suspect the height is not quite right. But it is a nice ship none the less.

kinunir  c kinunir a

Shot next to a Sydkai, I think I got the sizes wrong and for some reason thought the Sydkai was 1200 tons not 2000 as it should be. The actual length is up for debate. I would have to draw the plans the get it 100% correct I think.
kinunir syd

Service will be resumed

Many apologies, I have neglected my blog. So lets sort that one out.
Been a few big projects I have been involved in, hopefully the results will be see soon.
One thing I have been doing is a few Traveller vessels, partly for my own fun and partly for other reasons. I really want to do a Guide to Ships of The Spinward Marches or something, but not have game related material in it. A coffee table book like sort of thing. (perhaps game stats can be online or as a separate book)

Meanwhile here is a Subbie Trader I have been working on. I am not keen on the dipped/angle roundy bits for the front parts of the passenger section so I have done them flat.


Calypso Class A3L Far Trader

A 300 ton stretched version of the Far Trader. Based on Classic Traveller stats and a deck plan by Michael Johnson.

stretchy model


Close ups of the cockpit,
stretchy model v1

stretchy model v1 a


Dragon Flight Wallpapers

Take you pick, we have 2560×1440, 1920×1200 and 1600×1200 !

Enjoy, feel free to use, but credit me if you pass them on and do not link or host them yourselves.





Dragon Flight

rising patrol


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